5 Reasons to Send your Kids to Camp this Summer

Are you running out of craft ideas or getting tired of taking the kids to the splash pad? Still looking for summer options for your children? Send them to camp!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should send your kids to summer camp:

1. Kids grow in independence at camp.

Every parent has anxiety when they leave their child on the first day of school. Leaving your child at camp may be no different – but your kids will grow leaps and bounds spending a week away from home. In a new environment, kids get to take risks and test their abilities in a supportive and safe place. They grow confidence in taking on challenges on their own. As much as you may cringe and worry, it’s worth it for your kids, and maybe for you too.

2. Kids make new friends at camp.

Kids not only make new friends at camp, they also learn how to relate to others who are different from them in very close proximity. They learn how to work through conflict with others in their cabin, they learn how to encourage others in overcoming challenges like swimming. Let’s be honest, we all wish we learned those skills when we were younger!

3. Kids develop leadership skills at camp.

From learning to clean up a tent, to lining up to use the shower, to leading a silly song – these are the beginnings of leadership that can grow and mature over time. Kids can learn about taking responsibility for their belongings and for each other on a canoe trip. Camp develops leadership skills that will be useful in school and in the workplace as kids grow older. By sending your kids to camp, you are giving them ‘a leg-up’, so to speak, for their future.

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4. Kids get outside and get active at camp.

Camp offers a wide variety of activities for campers to try, sometimes for the first time. Horse-back riding, canoeing, mountain-biking are just a few of the fun sports that kids can learn in a safe environment under the watchful eye of a skilled instructor. Instead of sitting with their electronic devices, kids can run around, get some fresh air, and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

5. Kids learn about themselves at camp.

With the help of older counselors and mentors, kids learn a lot about themselves. Their self-awareness grows as they have new experiences and are helped to reflect and look within. Camp is a safe environment for kids to learn to express their emotions and become sensitive to the feelings of others; camp gives kids space to grow their emotional intelligence.

Wherever you are in the country, be sure to check out these links to the Inter-Varsity camps where we still have space this summer and get your kids registered for camp:

Pioneer Pacific Camp (Thetis Island, British Columbia)

Alberta Pioneer Camp (Sundre and Rocky Mountain House, Alberta)

Halkirk Circle Square Ranch (Halkirk, Alberta)

Wolf Creek Circle Square Ranch (Wolf Creek, Saskatchewan)

Austin Circle Square Ranch (Austin, Manitoba)

Manitoba Pioneer Camp (Shoal Lake, Manitoba)

Arden Circle Square Ranch (Arden, Ontario)

Brantford Circle Square Ranch (Brantford, Ontario)

Ontario Pioneer Camp (Port Sydney, Ontario)

Have you signed your kids up for camp this summer? What’s YOUR top reason for sending them to summer camp? Share with us!