That’s a great question

Have you ever really just hated life?

What do you think is completely overrated?

What were some of your struggles in high school?

These questions were posed recently by high school girls attending one of our summer camps. Invited to ask any question, the girls responded.  Some of their questions were cheeky, some ironic, some deeply serious.

Continue to the Transfusing Life blog to read more from Geri Rodman, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship’s president, on engaging questions with young people.

Transfusing Life is a platform for members of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable to share insights about the Hemorrhaging Faith report – Why and When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying & Returning tot he Church. 


The Best Present Ever: Caleb’s Summer Experience

Caleb Colby


What a summer! We wrestled on the Wibit, we sang in the Lodge, we sailed, we stubbed toes, and we did it together. Together with good friends; people who take us to the Nurse, who laugh at our bad jokes, who share their stories and who listen to ours. We were known, and we were loved.

In short, being at camp was the best present ever. Continue to Pacific Pioneer Camp’s blog to find out why camp was the best present ever for Caleb Colby.