Give the Gift of Camp this Christmas

‘Twas soon to be Christmas, when all through Inter-Varsity

Everyone was a-stirring, the camp folks especially.

We launched the camp websites, come register here!

We’re all hoping the camp season will soon be near.

With just over a month until Christmas, we’re already thinking ahead to camp next summer – canoe outtrips, horseback riding, and silly songs around the campfire. Why?

Camp registration for next summer is open on Monday, November 18, 2013 for Inter-Varsity’s nine camps across the country!

If you are considering whether to send your child to camp, it’s time to start doing some research into what kind of camp would be suitable for your kids. If you have teenage children who are looking to developing their leadership skills in a Leaders In Training program, now is the time to start putting together applications and preparing for interviews in the new year.

At camp, kids grow in independence, leadership skills, and their ability to relate well with other kids. What better way to spend a week or a few weeks in the summer than trying new activities outdoors, making new friends, and making memories for a lifetime? Click here to view our list of camps by province and region.

Gift Catelogue banner2

Inter-Varsity Camps’ Christmas Catalogue is here!

This Christmas, give the gift of camp to help support campers and staff in the upcoming year. Instead of a standard Christmas gift, why not give a gift that will help thousands of campers gain confidence, meet positive role models and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ at one of our camps across the country? 

When you purchase a gift from Inter-Varsity Camps’ Gift Catalogue, you help make camp ministry possible. With gifts ranging from $25 to $1,500, you can provides gifts like Bibles, riding helmets and canoes. Click here to browse our gift catalogue and start your Christmas shopping!

A Message from Steve Colby

Steve Colby

“By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to set out for a place…not knowing where he was going..”

It all started on that first Global and Urban experience long ago when Abraham and Sarah set out from Haran for the land that God would show them. Abe and Sarah did not have a compass, nor a destination. But they had a guide!

GOING with God in His mission catalyzes discipleship. One of the chief ways God shapes us through His mission is by calling us out of our comfortable lives out into unfamiliar places among new people and cultures. He brings about transformation in the goers and the receivers through relationship.

My third year in university my staff worker challenged me to go with the student team to Mexico on a Global and Urban Partnership. I did not want to go. I had local plans that made sense to me. Why would I go to Mexico? I didn’t speak Spanish, and I had never done missions work before…what could I possibly contribute?

Little did I know! God dragged me into this program NOT because I had so much to teach, but because i had so much to learn. Right away I got sick, and the whole team had to come around me and nurse me back to health. I tried to communicate, but found myself unwittingly agreeing to things — like preaching to the local woman’s society on sex! I was a missions failure.

And I loved every minute of it. Seriously! I went back three times to Mexico, and of course that was just the beginning. I am absolutely convinced that God has called us into His mission to galvanize discipleship, both ours as well as the people who receive us.

Really, when we stop to think about it, it has always been this way. “Go make disciples of all the nations” is the main way Jesus continues to make disciples of the twelve as well as reach the nations. Both Cornelius AND Peter go through a conversion (Acts 10), Cornelius to faith in Jesus, and Peter in seeing the Holy Spirit confirming the Gentiles as fellow heirs.

One thing is certain– we have to go. When I returned from Mexico many years ago I could have just met with students, shown pictures, told stories, ate food. But here’s what I did:

I gathered my friends and I said…  Let’s GO!

Steve Colby
Director of Missions
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

P.S. Click here for the 2014 Global and Urban Partnerships.  Please note, we do not publically list Global or Urban Partnerships in certain countries for security reasons.