Students Meet Jesus Through Friends and Studying Scripture

What is Jesus really like? What did he say about…?

This generation of young people did not grow up in a Bible-reading culture, and they are looking for answers to their many questions about faith. According to the Hemorrhaging Faith report, 60 per cent of those disengaged with faith would consider studying the Bible if a friend asked them. When young people spend time studying scripture, they come to know who Jesus is and what it means to follow him with their whole lives.

Take a look at Alexis’ story. He met Jesus during a week-long intensive study of the Gospel of Mark. “You could understand him abstractly as a concept and leave it at that,” he says. “I’m lucky enough that this isn’t the turn my life took.”


Alexis was first invited to an Inter-Varsity event by his friend, Louisa.

Take a look at J*’s story. She had many questions about faith and God, and her parents didn’t like the idea of her becoming a Christian. But with the support of her friends and time studying scripture, she decided to follow Jesus.

Read the stories of Alexis and *J , who met Jesus for the first time through studying scripture with friends.

“Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark – Friends lay foundations of faith for university student” – Alexis Chicoine

“A Skeptic Meets Jesus – An International student embraces the faith she sees in her friends” – J*


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