17 Days, 22 Hours 55 Minutes and 15 Seconds Until…?

The Olympics in Sochi!

Yes I have an Olympic counter, and yes I am an Olympics geek.  We loved loved the Olympics in Vancouver four years ago, and we will look forward to the Sochi games this year as well.

For me the best are the stories behind the athletes, stories of overcoming great hardships and loss, and the ways each has courageously gone forward to excel.

I think of Joannie Rochette, who lost her mom just days before she skated to a bronze medal; Carol Huynh, an Simon Fraser University student who won against all the odds a gold in wrestling; and so many other stories.

What keeps you moving forward?  What keeps you persevering through difficulty, running the race God has set before you?

The truth is that Jesus ran THE ULTIMATE RACE, persevered through the cross, and has captured the crown, sitting at the right hand of the Father.  Now he has put his jersey on us, and asks us to get into the race.  The baton is in our hands.  He is calling us into His mission.  He has so much to reveal to us as we go with Him into mission.

 Will we walk down from the stadium seats and onto the track?

 A cloud of witnesses is in the stadium cheering us on.

So, grab hold of His calling, fix your eyes on Jesus, and run with all the endurance you have.

There will be stories to tell, but not from sitting on the sidelines!

From Steve Colby, Director of Missions, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship


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