Bangladesh Update #2 and 3

Since the beginning of May, we have sent out a few of our Global Partnership teams halfway around the world! These teams of university students and campus ministers will participate in cultural exchange, partner with local International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) movements, and they actively learn about God’s mission in the world.

Take a look at what our Bangladesh team has been up to these last two weeks:
Blog Bangladesh 2 and 3

TEAM UPDATE #3 (MAY 19, 2014)

we’re starting to see little sprouts…

Continuing in our agricultural theme, we’ve now just past our first full week in Bangladesh, and its been a busy week!

We began placements this week with our team dividing into 4 placements that we’ll visit and partner with for the next 4 weeks. We’ve been stretched as we have taught English classes at the SFC, visited and encouraged teachers at a HEED Bangladesh school, and grown in our capacity to love and share in the sufferings of the women and children of CUP and CTRDW. We visit placements 5 days a week, and we’re starting to see trust grow in these new relationships.

We also sent and received Queen’s University Campus Minister Ashley RS and her small group who visited and partnered with the BSFB ministry in Khulna. As well, Queen’s University Korean Christian Fellowship Campus Minister Ashley Chan’s small group traveled and participated in the Chittagong Regional Conference!

This week we’ll be sending 7 members of our team to the Rajshahi Regional Conference, continuing with placements and continuing to invest in relationships within our team and our new Bangladeshi friends.

Please pray that we’ll:
– continue to send and receive each other well and hear each other’s stories.
– ask good questions as we encounter cultural difference.
– continue to invest deeply in relationships despite language barriers, jetlag, heat, and sickness.

TEAM UPDATE #2 (MAY 9, 2014)

Mustard seeds are small.  Tiny.  Minuscule. Totally in the “if you blink, you’ll miss it” category.
But someday they’ll become bushes of epic proportions.
We’re in the mustard seed phase of this GUP.  Things are just beginning—exploring Dhaka, language lessons, the first hang-out with local students.  And a few inaugural bowel troubles. Pretty basic, pretty standard. 
But oh so ripe with Kingdom potential.  Already students are discovering their need for Jesus to come and interpret their experiences as they begin this cross-cultural journey.

We’ve got a full week ahead of us.  There are culturally-appropriate outfits to purchase, placements to start, and some much-needed language lessons.  Our first conference team heads to Khulna on Monday.

It’s bound to be an eventful and challenging week.  But certainly one where Jesus will meet us and begin to reveal the seed-locked potential of this team.
So please pray for us.

–Thank God for a safe arrival in Dhaka after over 24 hours of travel 

–Ask God for health and wellness as we orient ourselves to this new context
–Pray for a quick willingness for the team to seek Jesus as they encounter much that is new and foreign.

For more stories, you can also visit this student’s blog on the Bangladesh GP.


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