Vancouver Urban Partnership Update

Students and staff on the Vancouver Urban Partnership are spending four weeks living and experiencing the urban realities of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Here is an update from Christa Smith, the director of the partnership:
Students and staff resting on a beach in Vancouver.

Students and staff resting on a beach in Vancouver.

We are two weeks in, halfway! Between shelter-sleeping, public showers, line-ups for food, countless encounters and diverse partners, the heart of the city is deeply impacting our own hearts. Daily in this neighbourhood, we experience the overwhelming presence of Jesus and His shalom, and daily we experience the overwhelming absence of Jesus and His shalom.
Amos implores the Israelite people to let justice roll like a river and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. We are feeling confronted with a deep longing for this be true while seeing the lack of it in our own lives and communities.
In the midst of these questions and tensions, we find hope and joy in the promise of Jesus as the Fulfiller.
Please pray for the second half of the month:
  • Pray against apathy and complacency to our surroundings.
  • Pray for deep learning about community, holy discontent, stewardship and suffering.
  • Give thanks for our partners who work faithfully year-round in this neighbourhood with the marginalized.



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