Top 8 reasons to send your kids to summer camp

Are you scratching your head trying to find fun activities to keep your kids busy this summer? Or maybe you are looking for meaningful experiences for your kids where they will learn and grow. Why not send them to camp?


Here are the top 8 reasons you should send your kids to summer camp:

8. Your kids will grow in independence.

In a new environment, kids get to take risks and test their abilities in a supportive and safe place. They grow confidence in taking on challenges on their own.

7. Your kids will make new friends.

Kids not only make new friends at camp, they also learn how to relate to others who are different from them. They learn how to work through conflict with others in their cabin, how to encourage others in overcoming challenging activities, like sailing or horseback riding.

6. Your kids will try new activities.

It’s time to broaden their horizons! Some activities, like horse-back riding, canoeing, or mountain-biking, aren’t readily available in the city. Camp is a great place to try new activities with the help of certified and knowledgeable instructors.


5. Your kids will get outside and get active.

Instead of sitting with their electronic devices, kids can run around, get some fresh air, and develop healthy lifestyle habits. They also learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and all the little quirky creatures that they find outside.

4. Your kids will learn about themselves.

Their self-awareness grows as they have new experiences and are helped to reflect and look within. Camp is a safe environment for kids to learn to express their emotions and become sensitive to the feelings of others; camp gives kids space to grow their emotional intelligence.

3. Your kids will grow in their relationship with God.

Camp is a place where experiential learning happens, including in the realm of faith. Kids not only have a safe place where they can ask spiritual questions, they also get to see and experience faith values lived out every day at camp by their peers and leaders.

2. Your kids will develop leadership skills.

From learning to clean up a tent or cabin, to lining up to use the shower, to leading a silly song – these are the beginnings of leadership that can grow and mature over time. Camp develops leadership skills that will be useful in school and in the workplace as kids grow older.

1. Your kids will be mentored by older leaders.

Whether it’s a staff member, volunteer, or leader-in-training, your kids will be mentored by older leaders. When campers leave camp, they often rave about the leaders they had – older people who have valued them and helped them make the most of their time at camp.

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Have you signed your kids up for camp this summer? What’s YOUR top reason for sending them to summer camp? Share with us in the comments below!

Young people thrive when good mentors invest in them

Young people have the drive, desire, and guts to make a difference in the world. What they often don’t have is someone who can walk alongside to coach and encourage them.

According to the Hemorrhaging Faith report, young people who were supported as they led felt affirmed and found joy in their service. When youth have the chance to lead alongside a trusted mentor, they grow exponentially in the ways they lead and invest in others’ lives.

Wasim, one alumnus, now works with Free the Children.

Wasim, one alumnus, now works with Free the Children.

Take a look at Wasim’s story. After graduation, his mentor from Inter-Varsity continued to walk alongside him as he made life and work choices. Now, in his work with Free the Children, he is putting leadership lessons into practice.



In Korea, Sydney learned new ways of praying with friends.

In Korea, Sydney learned new ways of praying with friends.

Take a look at Sydney’s story. He pursued his unique identity as a cultural bridge-builder to befriend international students and go on an exchange to South Korea. “My Inter-Varsity staff workers have been a tremendous influence,” he says. “Many of them met with me on a weekly basis.”



Carrie spends a lot of time investing in the lives of fellow staff at camp.

Carrie spends a lot of time investing in the lives of fellow staff at camp.

Take a look at Carrie’s story. She grew up going to camp and now works at Ontario Pioneer Camp full time. “I get to see people meet Jesus for the first time to challenge them to ask him questions, and to walk with them while they search for him,” says Carrie.



When she graduated high school, Ruth passed the leadership baton to her friend Ness.

When she graduated high school, Ruth passed the leadership baton to her friend Ness.

Take a look at the story of Ruth, Agape, and Ness. They realized their dream of starting a Christian fellowship in their high school and have returned as mentors since their graduation. “I want to see a group of students loving on others and not be afraid to show their love for God in school,” says Ness. “I want to see students grow.”



Read the stories of these young leaders, who are investing deeply in others because they have been mentored by those who came before them.

That’s a great question

Have you ever really just hated life?

What do you think is completely overrated?

What were some of your struggles in high school?

These questions were posed recently by high school girls attending one of our summer camps. Invited to ask any question, the girls responded.  Some of their questions were cheeky, some ironic, some deeply serious.

Continue to the Transfusing Life blog to read more from Geri Rodman, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship’s president, on engaging questions with young people.

Transfusing Life is a platform for members of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable to share insights about the Hemorrhaging Faith report – Why and When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying & Returning tot he Church.